My Story

Up & Adam Story

My name is Ayan Salah. I am the founder of Up & Adam Scrubs. My story is an interesting one. The day I was born my Mother had to flee Somalia because of the civil war. My siblings and I ended up in Kenya. My years in Kenya were spent watching my Mom provide for myself and my six brothers and sisters by being an entrepreneur. She would buy and sell clothing day after day until we came to Canada.

After moving to Canada, once again my Mom provided for all of us by being an entrepreneur. She opened a women's clothing store and managed to help my siblings and I graduate from High School.

Fast forward September 2017 I graduated from Nursing School, got married to my husband and started working as a nurse. The problem I found in my role as a nurse was there were hundreds of Muslim medical professionals without scrubs that meet our religious dress requirements. I had the idea for a modest scrub line.

Up & Adam Scrubs is named after my first born son. He is always bouncy and energetic first thing in the morning and I wanted my scrubs to make medical professionals feel the same way.